Illy Friday - Layer - NO UNDO BUTTON!

This blank canvas and easel has been sitting in my office for a couple of weeks now so I was pretty stoked when I realised I could use it for Illy Friday. I took some progress shots during the week as I worked on it (on my phone so pretty bad quality).

I am a fan of David Bromley and had an image of this butterflies painting in my head that I wanted to replicate in a similar style. His has a lot more detail and looks fantastic. I need instant results so work pretty quickly and in a simple style.


First of all I painted the background, then thought it would be cool to try and paint over lace to get a pattern. Didn't quite go as planned. I nicknamed the painting 'Shits on a Sunset' at this stage. The brown fleck photo!

Was a bit stuck on a job this afternoon so headed outside to finish this baby off. Was nice to be outside in the fresh air! I want to try more with acrylic paints as it is a nice break from the computer and the safety net of the undo button. Even little things like I usually do like change colours on a pic, I couldn't with this, and that was nice actually!


  1. very nice - i love watching the progression

  2. Just as the butterfly is the result of metamorphosis, your work this week evolves from 'Shits on a Sunset' to a beautiful illy.
    Best for some time in my ever so humble opinion :-)

  3. thanks amanda
    spek, your comment made me laugh. i am pretty happy with the pic as well. have started another in fact, to work on in my spare time... haha, whenever that is.


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