Illustration Friday - Burning

Ok so I have taken advantage of the topic slightly but I have had a burning desire to sketch the beautiful streetscenes I saw in Italy.

This one is a little alley from the town of Guglionesi where my Pop grew up. Just love the colours and the textures of the streets. Had a ball wandering around with my little camera.

Will be doing more for sure with more time. Eg. not starting them at 10.30pm.


Illustration Friday - Spent

I spent a lot of money on this jacket. Swanky Italian leather. I didn't spend so much time drawing it though. Tried using a thin calligraphy pen but felt too scratchy. Will go back to my old faithful next time. Worth a try anyway.

Also my evil cat Sebastian had a little spew on said swanky Italian leather jacket while I had it laid out on the bed ready to draw. Not happy Jan