Illustration Friday - Propagate

Propagate: to cause to spread out and affect a greater number or greater area

I had to look up the word, terrible really! I knew of it as something to do with gardening but not exactly sure what. I chose to do little pansies planted in pots spreading beautiful colours to the world. I actually should put some pansies in my garden, come to think of it.

Had fun doing this little sketch, but not so much fun cleaning up when I accidentally knocked over the ink in the middle of the lounge room floor. Oops!

Enjoy this pic Sue, I am so stoked you like it :)


Illustration Friday - Adrift

Adrift - where I would rather be right now. This week has been chaos! I would have liked more time to work on this picture but basically it is me with my head in the clouds in my coffee break.
I don't know, not a huge fan of it, but promised myself I was doing a pic every week. Keen to hear the new topic for next week and start afresh!


Illustration Friday - Muddy

A muddy mud crab!
Bit of a messy ink job here - soaked into the paper a little more than planned but I guess I know for next time now :) I really am into flicking watercolour paints look lately!
Started in lead pencil, watercoloured, then outlined in ink with some more smudging afterwards with the ink.


Illustration Friday - Focused

Focused was the topic this week, and the first thing that came to mind was Toby, my partner (live-in lover, whatever I feel like calling him) who is currently in training for the Port Macquarie Ironman on March 28th this year. To compete in such a long event you must be very focused in training to make sure you can actually put all three disciplines of swimming, riding and running together, especially when the event goes from anything around 10-15 hours!

I still find drawing boys quite difficult, but gave it a red hot shot. I am still loving the watercolour splatters I did a few weeks back so recycled some of them.

Eventually will vectorise this image and make some tees for the big event. If anyone is interested in following Toby's progress you can here - www.howistobygoing.blogspot.com.

2010 the year of blogs for Toby and Bianca! haha