It has been a long time!

It really has. This year was a lot about testing the water as to how much work I could take on with my part time hours. Then there was a fair chunk of the good ol' creative block happening with any personal illustration projects. I did however create an ABC and COUNT to 20 poster for a dear friend and her two foster children earlier in the year. These posters were on my mind quite often (wasn't sure whether to try and sell them or not - being customised and A2 makes them pretty pricey per print). After much thought and talking to other friends in fields of social work and primary school teaching, it all came together. I went for a grant to cover printing costs (my time is an in-kind contribution) through the Stand Like Stone Foundation, to offer these posters to 50 families who may be in need of them.

To think that these posters are a legacy of the two little foster girls (who opened me up to a world I was unfamiliar with), is pretty awesome.

Also, to make these posters continue to do good, I am working on a concept for 2015 where when you buy one custom poster, I also create another for free for someone in need. I am a big lover of TOMS and this is pretty much the same concept, but posters, not shoes. Or sunnies.

Anyway, I think I have fond the level I can take on with my work, and having this time off illustrating allowed me to think further with these posters, which I probably wouldn't have had a chance to if I was too busy elsewhere. Everything does happen for a reason! Deep hey.

Oh, AND The Sole Sisters Collective are in talks for an exhibition late 2015. YES!!!!!

Onwards and upwards!!