Illustration Friday - Double

Why have double when you can have triple?

Image loosely based on an old photo of my nanna and my three mothers. People think having twins is crazy, imagine moving here from Italy - not being able to speak english all that well and then having triplets. Luckily for Nanna, all the girls were just darlings, like me.

Personally I would love to have triplets. Hmmm

Must be making up for a lack of black last week as well, went with an old school greyscale comic theme this time around.

This will most likely be my last one before the holiday too. Hoorah!

The pic of Nanna and the girls. I cropped out the scary newspaper dude who was freaking out one of them out. Yep, I can't pick who is who here. So let's just say (L-R) Mum, Mum and Mum...


Illustration Friday - Breakfast

Ohmigod is it breakfast already! Reminds me of Toula from Fat Pizza. Anyway...
My favourite breakfast ever was waffles with strawberries and pannacotta gelato in a cafe in Glenelg a couple of years ago. So I tried drawing it minus the gelato, and in pencils with none of my trademark BLACK. It was hard yes, and I think I prefer black ink. But hey, worth having a play.


Illustration Friday - Diary

Ah I am back after a very, very busy couple of weeks. I miss Illustration Friday, I really do. So this week I made myself make time - and the topic - was easy for me this time around.

This is a pic of the wicked travel journal my friend Simone gave me for my travels. I cannot wait to use this as a diary for 6 weeks - fill it with lots of awesome memories! Ahhh!!!!

3 weeks to go - hoorah!

Quick ink sketch coloured in photoshop. The journal is a really funky matte paper so I drew it in that style. Will aim to get two more illy fridays in before I go :)