Illustration Friday - Double

Why have double when you can have triple?

Image loosely based on an old photo of my nanna and my three mothers. People think having twins is crazy, imagine moving here from Italy - not being able to speak english all that well and then having triplets. Luckily for Nanna, all the girls were just darlings, like me.

Personally I would love to have triplets. Hmmm

Must be making up for a lack of black last week as well, went with an old school greyscale comic theme this time around.

This will most likely be my last one before the holiday too. Hoorah!

The pic of Nanna and the girls. I cropped out the scary newspaper dude who was freaking out one of them out. Yep, I can't pick who is who here. So let's just say (L-R) Mum, Mum and Mum...


  1. love it- it reminds me of the madeleine illustrations

    Once upon a time there were 12 little girls in two straight lines and the youngest girl was madeleine :)

  2. very true... why double when you can have triple.. !! =)

  3. Reminds me of a conversation you and I had Bianca! But a very good point. Three times the crazy, but three times the love.....


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