Illustration Friday - Acrobat

She looks a bit more like a ballerina but hey, I tried. We all know that only an acrobat can peace out in a hoop.
Lead pencil and watercolour overlaid on a stained paper background in Photoshop. I love watercolour, it always dries SO MUCH nicer that it looks when you first put it on. Happy days.


  1. i like that, good combo of digital with pen and watercolour!

  2. Great idea. The splatters work so well and I love the simple colour!

  3. Sweet illo. Nice use of the splatter. Works very well indeed.

  4. Certainly has a nice "Ring" to it :-)
    Was expecting it as a theme based on recent news ;-0
    Welcome back Illy Friday.
    Keep up the GOOD work!!


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