{IF} Faded + Exhibition Sneak Peek

I am really loving faded colours lately. I used to be such a black and white with hot pink girl, but lately it seems all of my work is featuring much more muted tones (still pinks of course).

This is a little sneak peek into some artwork I am creating for our upcoming Sole Sisters Collective exhibition in August. I thought that it tied in with the Illy Friday theme a bit as the feathers seem to be falling away from something, plus the colour scheme helps a bit!

Still a long way to go for an exhibition piece too!!!!

Pencil and ink feathers, coffee stain, digitally coloured


{IF} Sight

A quick sketch of my whippet (sighthound) Myfanwy - yeah, she's Welsh. Love whippets ever since my cousin introduced me to them - best dog ever! Sexiest figure ever.

Pencil sketch on my work notepaper, digitally coloured


{IF} Hitched

Today is exac-er-te-ly 6 months until I get hitched. 10.11.12 
Better get ticking off those funny little wedding lists!
Quick image using pre-drawn blossoms (because I love them) and handwriting -
busy week and I don't want to stop Illy Friday while on a roll :)


Jen and Ally { Commission }

This had been a work in progress for ages. It certainly was a learning curve. I did learn that I really struggle to draw people to look like the actual person. In my head, I can find the similarities that make me recognise them, but it's not the case for everybody. Still was fun doing this pic and they are both happy on the outcome. Lovely present idea.

Lead pencil sketch and digital colour.


{IF} Jump

My cousin Josh is a mad freestyle motocross rider. A few years ago he set up a ramp and jumped across the main intersection of our little hometown. Such a strange image seeing the street scene with a bike in the air.

Pencil and pen drawing, with watercolour and scanned textures