Illy Friday - Layer - NO UNDO BUTTON!

This blank canvas and easel has been sitting in my office for a couple of weeks now so I was pretty stoked when I realised I could use it for Illy Friday. I took some progress shots during the week as I worked on it (on my phone so pretty bad quality).

I am a fan of David Bromley and had an image of this butterflies painting in my head that I wanted to replicate in a similar style. His has a lot more detail and looks fantastic. I need instant results so work pretty quickly and in a simple style.


First of all I painted the background, then thought it would be cool to try and paint over lace to get a pattern. Didn't quite go as planned. I nicknamed the painting 'Shits on a Sunset' at this stage. The brown fleck photo!

Was a bit stuck on a job this afternoon so headed outside to finish this baby off. Was nice to be outside in the fresh air! I want to try more with acrylic paints as it is a nice break from the computer and the safety net of the undo button. Even little things like I usually do like change colours on a pic, I couldn't with this, and that was nice actually!


Illustration Friday - Sweater

Wow. It is late. 12.15am to be exact. I quickly sketched this up and scanned in once I had finally finished my last job for the day. Has been another big week work-wise. Anyway!
When I think of sweater, of course I think of one of Australia's coolest ever band Eskimo Joe and one of their first ever songs - sweater. That is where the text came from. The image, I don't know. I just rolled with it. I have only had one coffee today and that was like 14 hours ago. Bed Time!


The Creative Panic - by The Talented Mr Hood

Rodney is a funny man - from The Creative Panic
You must go and check out my dear friend, the Talented Mr Ben Hood over at The Creative Panic. He is busy doing an illustration a day project. I must say, this man had some mad skillz on the ol' Wacom for sure - I get excited to see the new daily image pop up with the quirky little stories. Good work Benno for having the dedication for one per day!


Illustration Friday - Reverse

This topic I struggled with. Kept thinking of drawing a person in a cage as a pet with a massive bird as an owner or a car doing reverse donuts!
In the shower last night while I thought about how sore my muscles were, I got thinking again about massage and yoga which lead to a drawing of the reverse warrior pose. Hoorah. Simple!
Drawn while watching some documentary on Michelin star restaurants in pencil then inked, background painted in acrylics and all scanned in and put together this morning before I get stuck into some work. Coding websites and shiz.


Illustration Friday - Surrender

This is pretty much exactly how I would feel when my team decided to put me in goals back in my short-lived soccer days. Seriously, why me. I was scared of the ball. And the ladies that played soccer. Joking joking. Please don't hurt me...
Lead pencil drawing while sitting at the computer working and poking people on Facebook. Coloured in Photoshop. Quick, quick job. Didn't colour the hair in, but I think that would have overdone it.