Illustration Friday - Clumsy

A clumsy ballerina! Would be me if I tried to be one. Quick watercolour and ink illustration


Illustration Friday - Wilderness

All good things are wild and free - the quote I found for inspiration for this weeks pic. Really loving Stina Persson's watercolour work so had a little play with some paints. Image of girl is in lead pencil and overlaid in Photoshop. Must be feeling a little designery today looking at the layout of it!


Illustration Friday - Confined

My first thoughts for the word confined was a bird in a cage, but I thought that would be good to think past the first thought for something different so I started jotting down words that confined made me think of. I ended up with the idea of private school girls who all have to wear the same uniform. I am sure they feel confined at times! I would.

The below version is one outlined in pen - I think I like the sketchy pencil one above more.


My Favourite Shoes!

I did this drawing late last year when I was in need to just draw something. These are my favourite pair of shoes, not the most comfortable after wearing them for a long period of time, but I love!
Done with watercolour paints (soooo much better than pencils) and ink.
I am kind of attached to this pic, I guess because I was just hanging to draw for so long, think I might frame it for my office one day.


First Illustration Friday - Renewal

Ok, so here is my first illustration. I wanted to post it now, otherwise I will just continue to make changes and probably add more things just for the sake of adding things!
I guess it is a little abstract but who doesn't feel renewed after washing their face or splashing cold water on it.