Illustration Friday - Confined

My first thoughts for the word confined was a bird in a cage, but I thought that would be good to think past the first thought for something different so I started jotting down words that confined made me think of. I ended up with the idea of private school girls who all have to wear the same uniform. I am sure they feel confined at times! I would.

The below version is one outlined in pen - I think I like the sketchy pencil one above more.


  1. Conformity does equate to confined sometimes doesn't it? Nice idea and nice illo.

  2. wonderful style - I love your line work and coloring - great piece

  3. haha! I love the concept of this blog, and totally look forward to seeing more. I think I'll join you in the challange to finally be a IF regular. Best of luck, and keep up your wonderful style!

  4. New Word - Biancaful - Describing Artworks of an Illustrator worthy of note - Keep it up Bianca - Love 'em all so far


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