Illustration Friday - Ahead

Ahead - what I have coming up ahead and can't freaking wait.
Pretty lame drawing tonight - creativity let me down this week. Although I have always liked drawing maps. I have highlighted Italy as that is the place I am most excited about - meeting the family - eating, drinking, etc etc.
I am bound to be FAR more creative upon return of my trip though :)


Illustration Friday - Detective

Detective = trench coat of course, and the raised eyebrow!
Quick pen sketch and coloured in photoshop


Illustration Friday - Linked

I needed to finish this pic and it kinda worked out to suit the Illy Friday topic of Linked. This is our family portrait! Bianca, Toby, Myfanwy and Sebastian!


Illustration Friday - Dip

dip loves crackers and crackers love beer
A Friday afternoon staple in our household