Oh, hello there!

Love what you have (Pencil, watercolour, paint, coffee stain etc)

{ For Illy Friday purposes - self awareness is Power }

It has been a long time! Since January in fact! I started off 2013 training for a half marathon and planning on spending every Friday doing creative things. It's good to have plans.

Instead I was lucky enough to fall pregnant pretty early on, which we feel really truly lucky about, but MAN, did it blow any ambitions to do anything apart from eat, sleep and try and overcome the 24/7 hangover feeling! Then once that section passed, it was heads down, bum up with my work and trying to finish off so I can have a little break pre-baby.

Which is where I am right now. Nearly 36 weeks and getting back to all those things I had either started or had in my head over the past few months.

The above picture I started in mid May. It was Gold Cup weekend. Finally finished it now. It is a bit more blobby and dirty looking that I would prefer but it is what it is.
I can see it as a tea-towel actually. 

The Sole Sisters are part of the Open Garden Weekend exhibition at Caroline Hills in November, which means there will be more creative things to come! I am excited.

It hasn't been all uncreative in that time though. I seem to have done more home style projects. Must be nesting. And addictive Pinterest making me believe I can create anything. We made a huge dining table, entrance table and various other things as below.

One weekend I decided I will make a teepee. I can sew cushions and sort-of straight lines. Didn't really think about where I would keep it, our house is pretty small. The pets are enjoying it at the moment anyway.

Brought a Clover pom pom maker and tidied up the poor previous attempts of pom poms on my mobile. I know it's only a pom pom, but they are so neat - I am impressed.

I have been pondering the idea of making a table runner (once again, I can sew sort-of straight lines so should be ok here). Experimenting with washout glue and fabric dye - even trying for a slight ombre. 
Will have to see how these end up before I tackle a decent sized bit of fabric. Also, it if does work how it is looking in my head, I may do some pieces for the Caroline Hills exhibition. Will see...

Anyway, it is great to be back.

I have the ink out on the table, so it's time to go and fiddle with that again :)