2014 Calendar!

The 2014 Calendar! Available from my madeit store
www.madeit.com.au/missbianca for $20 inc. postage
this weekend (December 8th) at the Mount Gambier Library Markets
 for the special price of $15
at the beautiful stall of fellow Sole Sister
Mel Horton and her Bilby & Bee stall

Below is a sneak peek of the calendar.
Went with a floral/nature theme this year!

* * * * 

The cover. With a painting of little red chillies from my garden in the background

Those who know me know that I am obsessed with blossoms. This was a sketch from a photo of my cherry blossom in the front yard in the first year it bloomed. Blossoms seemed suitable for the first month of the year to me. New, fresh, all that jazz.

In the beginning of this year I started a project called Floral Fridays. Huge success, I did one week of it. Why? Well I got pregnant and lost motivation in art. All I wanted to do was sleep and eat.
Anyway, this was one of the images I did. Well actually I did a crappy pencil drawing, and the day I actually went to go into labour, I did the ink drawing and resurrected the illustration to a point I was happy to use it. These are Chinese Lanterns from Caroline Hills garden.
Please note there is a special date on March 27th ;)

This is my Dream Catch Me v2 artwork from the Sole Sisters 2012 Mix Tape exhibition. I love that song, and I am really attached to this illustration. It is framed in my office at the moment, but will soon be weaving it's way into Ana's room. Funny how at the time, I was not satisfied with it, but now I love it and all the subtle colours.

Peonies! I love them. Nearly as much as blossoms. I had peonies in my wedding bouquet. My awesome wedding bouquet. I would like to spend more time drawing these as they are really detailed flowers. Once again this was inked up in a hurry before I became a parent.

Oh look, it's more blossoms. I put these in September because that is Ana's birthday. This was a pen and digital coloured Illustration Friday pic. Possibly the only Illustration Friday I did for 2013. Most of these sketches are done on scrap paper in front of my computer in between jobs. I seem to like to work on lots of little things at once.

These birdies were a commissioned project for a dear friend. I really loved working on these. Would love to work on more birds in the future.

My other Dream Catch Me from the Sole Sisters exhibition. Another I have framed in my office that I love. I went through a real pastel/subtle stage last year!

And to finish off, this is the back cover. You can take it off and keep it once 2014 is over - frame it, do as you please. 

Thank you to everyone that has supported my art over the years. Here's to 2014 of just drawing more Bianca, and spending time with my new little family!