I'm still here!

So I have been MIA from Illustration Friday for the last two weeks as I have started to get really stuck into art for the Sole Sisters Collective exhibition (September and November this year). I am using the majority of my Fridays to work on art at at the moment lino cutting is where I am at. I love Illy Friday but at the moment I need every spare second to think of art - as I want to get as much as I can done before we head off OS.

These ones are taken on the computer, hence the whole 'reversed look'. Tried printing these on material - to see how it absorbed the paints and the print. Am having a lot of fun with it, hoping to get out another lino print done tomorrow, plus start on some illustrations. Plan is to have a digital print with the lino print overlaid on top. The idea is working in my head, let's just see if it can translate to the actual artwork!

Oh and from today it is 9 weeks until we take a ride on a big jet plane! Woop!