Some hand drawn goodness for you

I have been pretty snowed under this week, and feel the tinge of guilt for not getting an Illy Friday out, but here is a pic a put together a few weeks ago with ink and watercolour. I did in wonky on purpose, so it looks hand drawn. Uh... yeah. I liked the look of it in grey as I was scanning it too. Blue Lake Paper is fantastic for watercolour. Is making me excited for my new letterpressed business cards arriving next week which will be getting a douse of watercolour from me. Hooray!


Illustration Friday - Cultivate

My favourite part of gardening is possibly the herb garden. All the awesome smells. Above is a selection of what Toby and I have recently cultivated!

Lead pencil drawing - digitally coloured. Went with earthy tones, then decided a bit of pink livens things up a bit. It's my trademark!

Click on the image to view larger. This small version does not so much justice...


Save the Dates - all done now!

Here is the final product of the work in progress I posted a couple of weeks ago. Nice, simple postcards. Quite happy with the cute style of it - all done on the computer this time with the mouse too. Too lazy to use the wacom!


Illustration Friday - Stir

Things I stir with. Maybe I whisk with a whisk, not stir, but I wanted to draw one. It is kinda stirring.

This all started with a coloured pencil background I drew, with intentions of using it as it was, but it was quite terrible once I scanned it so I popped a few photoshop filters over top. The utensils were drawn with black pen around my notes I have in front of my keyboard.

Wanted to try some different colours as I have a habit of leaning towards pink.


Illustration Friday - Warning

Man, I just cannot draw boys! I started this as doing a pic of Green Day (one of my most favourite bands EVER) because of their song - Warning. Which is not my favourite song of theirs - Basket Case is by the way..), but was the first thing stuck in my head while I thought about this weeks Illy Friday topic.

So I started to draw, badly, real bad, then scribble. Then I nearly screwed it up but remembered as a Graphic Designer I can make any absolutely shithouse image look cool by adding some colour and stuff. So I did.

It still looks more like Elvis than Billie Joe, but whatever. I will never get this past 30 minutes of my life back....


Work in Progress

Started this pic tonight for a dear friends Wedding Save the Dates.. Doing it all in Illustrator - thinking of even doing the type in a hand drawn style too. Have a little bit more work to do on it, but was nice to play in this different style. And to at least make a start... always feels good to make a start!

Illustration Friday - Swarm

First thought when I hear the word swarm is bees. These bees and scribble were drawn on my scrap paper while working away on a couple of jobs today. Went for a totally different colour palette from usual to have a bit of a play. Nice honey colours :) Seem to have a bit of a thing going on lately with insects too.