Illustration Friday - Warning

Man, I just cannot draw boys! I started this as doing a pic of Green Day (one of my most favourite bands EVER) because of their song - Warning. Which is not my favourite song of theirs - Basket Case is by the way..), but was the first thing stuck in my head while I thought about this weeks Illy Friday topic.

So I started to draw, badly, real bad, then scribble. Then I nearly screwed it up but remembered as a Graphic Designer I can make any absolutely shithouse image look cool by adding some colour and stuff. So I did.

It still looks more like Elvis than Billie Joe, but whatever. I will never get this past 30 minutes of my life back....


  1. that was me :) simone

  2. thank you simo! i like the difference from the sketch i scanned to this

  3. Maybe you illustrate as you feel, as some artists do :-0
    Your inner self feels he is as you draw him:-)
    Don't fight it

    Green Day - Awesome Band - Not my fave though


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