Illustration Friday - Stir

Things I stir with. Maybe I whisk with a whisk, not stir, but I wanted to draw one. It is kinda stirring.

This all started with a coloured pencil background I drew, with intentions of using it as it was, but it was quite terrible once I scanned it so I popped a few photoshop filters over top. The utensils were drawn with black pen around my notes I have in front of my keyboard.

Wanted to try some different colours as I have a habit of leaning towards pink.


  1. Nice illustration the yellow is lovely.

  2. It works well as a whole illustration, nicely done

  3. This would look perfect in my kitchen.....

  4. thanks for the comments! much appreciated
    hello ellen imagery! i am planning on making a few prints of my illy fridays for the next library arts markets - april 10


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