Latest Personal Project

While I was overseas last year I kept a little diary of all the different drinks I consumed (as well as a Travel Diary and all the usual things). I have been meaning to get onto this for a while now, but I want to turn it into a poster, or even a cushion of "Bianca's holiday of massive consumption". It is interesting to look back over it and see things like a warm beer in London, Sangria in Barcelona and a Martini in the Monaco Casino (so very James Bond!).
Have finally scanned all the pics in, now time for layout and colour. Pretty interesting keepsake hey!


Illustration Friday - Dusty

I hate moths. Actually I am scared of them. They remind me of death and they seem to constantly want to bump into my face with their dusty wings. Evil little creatures.
Although while I was looking up pictures of them as references I did feel a little sick to start, but then I started to see pretty patterns in the wings. So maybe in the end this was kind of therapeutic for me. Dusty pink background added as well to make it look prettier.
Lead pencil and watercolour elements done while watching Man vs Wild, then put together in good ol' Photoshop this morning.