Europe Postcards {1 year on} Still plugging away

Been plugging away still with this little project on my Facebook page. It is keeping me entertained looking back over journal entries, that is for sure! Heading on a little break in two days! Hooray! I need some sun. This time last year was awesomely stinking hot, I miss that!

Just Draw More Bianca: Illustration Friday - Fearless

Just Draw More Bianca: Illustration Friday - Fearless: Everyone is fearless when they are younger. Good to go back to that mindset that ANYTHING is possible if you put your mind to it. Quick pen ...

So I was a little bit lazy and re-used this illy as the Illy Friday word was disguise. I will be better once I return from holidays!


Europe Postcards {1 year on}

To keep myself a little creative I have been trying a 'one-a-day' project. Nothing to the extent of the crazy and very talented/committed Mr Ben Hood, but only for the 5 and a half weeks of my Euro Trip last year. Am going through my journal entry for the day and doing a quick little postcard based on the events I wrote about.

It's nice to come across the little things I have forgotten about along the way, and also a friend suggested yesterday that I could make a travel quilt at the end. Brilliant idea. Or even cushions. The drinks poster will eventually become a cushion I think. A bit of fun anyway to get through the remainder of winter :)

The series can be found on my facebook page.


{ IF } Imperfect

All of my artwork is full of imperfections. And I like that. Perfect sucks! :)