Illustration Friday - Soaked

It is that time of year again where whenever you go for a run you are bound to get soaked feet, as it is either raining, or has just rained and the grass is wet, or it's dark and you go straight through a puddle. 6 weeks to go until the marathon now - just have to suck it up a bit now.


Illustration Friday - Safari

Just wanted to draw another bird. I get the topics sent to me late at night - like 11pm in Australia - and I got in my head it was jungle not safari. Oh well. I am sure you would see a toucan if you went on a safari somewhere! Not totally impressed with the colouring but it is just a personal project and tonight I am easy pleased.


Birdies - All coloured

All coloured in now. The sketch of the birds was based on an image found in a 'Birds Australia report' and I am just assuming the birds were brown. Think I am settled with this - will have another look tomorrow to see if I am still happy.

Illustration Friday - Beginner

I am a bit of a beginner on drawing birds (very loose reference to the topic!). These chubby little fellas I am drawing for a client. Have penciled and inked the birdies and have some watercolour blobs ready to pop together tomorrow once it all dries. Can't wait actually - nice to try something new.

Will post the finished product once done.


Illustration Friday - Lesson

Time for another Italian lesson soon. My language is getting pretty sketchy now.

Scans of pages from my book I wrote in during lessons, all put together rather hastily in good ol/ photoshop. Time to get watercolours back out again, getting lazy colouring on computer!!