More butterflies! {Work in Progress}

Started work on a print for a dear friend's little girls bedroom. Working out composition before I begin colouring properly. Butterflies are great - they seem to just look good no matter what you do with them. The final product will be mounted on ply board. Will post a pic once done.

Turns out this week it could 'kind of' tie in with the IF topic - Midsummers Night. Heading off tomorrow to QLD for the marathon this weekend, so TOTALLY strapped for time :)


Illy Friday - Launch

While flicking through the newspaper reading headings and looking at pictures as I do, I saw a rocket launching and thought I may as well just have a crack at drawing one.


Illy Friday - Swept

"She was totally swept away by his rugged manly looks and his ability to recite all the one liners from Anchorman as any girl would be"

Kinda looks Rainbow Brite style to me for some reason. Maybe the eyelashes. Lots of pen work going on. Done while watching Collingwood thrash Melbourne :)


Illy Friday - Shadows

A quick sketch of my shadow puppet bird with a strange head. Not my best piece... frustrating. Hopefully though it means all my creativity is left today for the website design I need to do...


Illy Friday - Asleep

We always catch these guys asleep together. They love each other, we know.