First Illustration Friday - Renewal

Ok, so here is my first illustration. I wanted to post it now, otherwise I will just continue to make changes and probably add more things just for the sake of adding things!
I guess it is a little abstract but who doesn't feel renewed after washing their face or splashing cold water on it.


  1. Lovely! Good for you! I look forward to seeing your work!

  2. I made this resolution last year and have actually stuck with it all year! Yeah! So good luck and I like your first entry, very nice.

  3. nice line work, and lovely colours

  4. oh thank you all for your comments. it is great to have the support, will give me a lot more motivation. had a peek through all your blogs, some excellent stuff there :)

  5. Love it Bianca

    Exactly what renewal is all about- a fresh face and a fresh start

    and thanks for changing the settings for me :)


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