Illustration Friday - Sweater

Wow. It is late. 12.15am to be exact. I quickly sketched this up and scanned in once I had finally finished my last job for the day. Has been another big week work-wise. Anyway!
When I think of sweater, of course I think of one of Australia's coolest ever band Eskimo Joe and one of their first ever songs - sweater. That is where the text came from. The image, I don't know. I just rolled with it. I have only had one coffee today and that was like 14 hours ago. Bed Time!


  1. Ha! Nice. I'm gonna have to look up that band!

  2. I like the simplicity of it...with the cute frame! Nicely done. ♥

  3. thank you! i like the frame and the text but just unsure of the pic inside the frame. ah well - delirious at night sketch!


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