Illustration Friday - Reverse

This topic I struggled with. Kept thinking of drawing a person in a cage as a pet with a massive bird as an owner or a car doing reverse donuts!
In the shower last night while I thought about how sore my muscles were, I got thinking again about massage and yoga which lead to a drawing of the reverse warrior pose. Hoorah. Simple!
Drawn while watching some documentary on Michelin star restaurants in pencil then inked, background painted in acrylics and all scanned in and put together this morning before I get stuck into some work. Coding websites and shiz.


  1. Looking at this makes me realise how stress and tense I am, but also makes me think that I need to probably get my yoga on. Perhaps you could go into the motivational sign business.

  2. oooh i am all for motivational signs :)
    looking at it makes me want to stretch too

  3. thank God i have yoga in the morning! this is great :)

  4. I love your header. I've been here a few times and I always laugh.

    This girl looks like a lawn chair when I squint my eyes, which is sort of awesome. Nice pose!

  5. It's an uplifting image! Loved hearing how the idea came to you. Isn't it great when that happens? I like that you added another image of her in the background and how she pops from the background color. This has a nice simplicity!

  6. Thanks for your comments! I wasn't so sure when I first put it together, but looking back on it, I am pretty happy with the simplicity of it.


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