Illustration Friday - Focused

Focused was the topic this week, and the first thing that came to mind was Toby, my partner (live-in lover, whatever I feel like calling him) who is currently in training for the Port Macquarie Ironman on March 28th this year. To compete in such a long event you must be very focused in training to make sure you can actually put all three disciplines of swimming, riding and running together, especially when the event goes from anything around 10-15 hours!

I still find drawing boys quite difficult, but gave it a red hot shot. I am still loving the watercolour splatters I did a few weeks back so recycled some of them.

Eventually will vectorise this image and make some tees for the big event. If anyone is interested in following Toby's progress you can here - www.howistobygoing.blogspot.com.

2010 the year of blogs for Toby and Bianca! haha

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  1. Hey B

    I like it- think you've done a great job with the sunnies

    and definitely tobs is one focussed fella

    But where is the chest hair tobs is sporting on his blog ;)


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