The urge to draw something {IF - Prepare}

I had this urge to draw, all day while I was at work making the world a better place with graphic design. Was listening to a lot of Lana Del Rey, fascinated with her music lately, and surprise, surprise, I draw a girl. It has been a while. I let myself off, maybe I just needed to get this out.

I don't like finishing / polishing off a piece, it never looks how I intended most of the time.

I need to just. draw. more. bianca. More nights in with the cider and watercolours to come :)

Illustration Friday - I prepared all the pencil work and watercolour individually, then combined in Photoshop. Kind of works with the topic!


  1. lovely work, and great idea to combine them. Have you thought about just painting watercolour over the top?

    1. Thanks Jasmine. I should! I think I like the fact that I can mix it up on screen, and am a little scared of ruining something. Must be too attached to the undo button. Do you use any masking fluid when watercolouring over something?


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