{ IF } Scary

I don't like scary things. So here's a pic of Bambi :)
I am sure if you are browsing Illy Friday this week you might be sick of seeing scary things so this may be a nice, calming break.
Pencil and watercolour, with scans of vintage wallpapers (trying something a little different). Love the way watercolour follows the pencil lines. Fun.


  1. aaaaww...so nice and cute and not at all scary! Love the color scheme and the round effects on the background. <3

  2. This is lovely! I agree with you...It's nice to have a break from the scary things :) Using the vintage wallpaper was a great idea. Very well done!

  3. This is really very sweet and nicely done...

  4. Play The Scary Maz Game at http://scary-mazegame.net website is not the for weak-hearted, do you have what it takes?


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