Illustration Friday - Cocoon

"I'm not really involved with politics. I'm living in my cocoon with my classical music around" Eva Green

I did a search on quotes for cocoon and came across this one that I really liked. I am the same. I know very little about politics and am happy in my little cocoon - listening to music, but not classical!

Tried a different style with lots of line work in black pen then coloured in photoshop. Went for a rustic looking piece this time for something a little different


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  2. i like that you illustrated this from a quote!

  3. I love music too! Bealtiful illustration.

  4. Jimi H thought that every musical note represented a colour and that his guitar was the brush for his art. Music, colour and art go hand in hand.
    Politics are there to evoke feeling but has also been used to stifle expression - A cocoon is a haven for self expression free from outside influences where one can truly be oneself


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